Daily Gaming: January 3, 2011

With the holidays coming to an end, the gaming news is starting to ramp up once again. We have some of our first Indie specific gaming news in the form of Avatar Karting, released today on the Xbox 360. We also have details on the PrimeSense and ASUS controller free technology due to be fully announced at CES tomorrow. Expect much more gaming news to come out of CES over the next few days, including the release of NVIDIA's 3D TV Play software.

Hardware News

PrimeSense and ASUS team up for controller free motion sensing for the desktop and living room

PrimeSense, the company who were behind the technology used to get Xbox 360 Kinect out to the masses, have announced a deal with computer hardware manufacturer ASUS to bring their motion sensing technology to computer desktops in the form of the WAVI Xtion.

The WAVI Xtion media center will allow users to have a controller free interface, letting you browse content, access the internet and social networking. Expect more details on both the hardware and software over the next few days at CES. In the meantime you can read the full press release.

General News

Original Plasma Cutter heading to Dead Space 2

Those of us who were big fans of the Plasma cutter in Dead Space will be pleased to hear that if you have any save game data from the first title, you will get the original Plasma cutter from the first game unlocked for use in Dead Space 2 from the start.

Xbox 360 News

Avatar Karting released on Xbox LIVE Indie Games

Indie game developers Rendercode Games have announced the release of his latest title, Avatar Karting. The game allows you to take your Xbox Avatars to the track in an outdoor go kart driving experience. The game has a number of features such as 16 circuits and online racing. You can read more below:

  • 16 reversible circuits
  • Challenging computer opponents
  • Single Race, Time Trial and Championship modes
  • Online Multiplayer over Xbox Live and System Link
  • Local Multiplayer on split screen
  • Global Rankings
  • Turbo Boost
  • Autobrakes option
  • Rewind ability

Avatar Karting is already available on Xbox Live Indie Games for just 80 Microsoft Points.

Final Mass Effect 2 DLC Coming

With the release of Mass Effect 3 hitting stores at the end of the year, we have some small details about the final piece of downloadable content for Mass Effect 2. There is no release date set in stone apart from Bioware stating the update will be out before Mass Effect 3 is released, so you have around 10 months of possible waiting ahead. The last piece of DLC released was The Lair of the Shadow Broker, while the PlayStation 3 will see Mass Effect 2 released later this month. All in all, Bioware has done a great job supporting the award winning title in the past year since its first release.

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