Dance Central 3 Xbox SmartGlass app revealed

Xbox SmartGlass was first revealed back at E3 in June as a way to extend Xbox 360 game content across mobile devices. At the time, the company showed a video where games like Madden NFL 13 and the upcoming Halo 4 had Xbox SmartGlass apps. Today it was revealed that the first Xbox 360 game to get an Xbox SmartGlass app will be Dance Central 3, the Xbox 360 exclusive dancing game from developer Harmonix.

Engadget got to check out the Dance Central 3 Xbox SmartGlass app, which will work on iOS and Android devices as well as Windows 8-based tablets and Windows Phone smartphones. It will include features such as Party Time DJ, which will let a person create a playlist while others play the game.

If you want to combine a good workout while also dancing to the songs in Dance Central 3, the Xbox SmartGlass app will also have a way to track how many calories you are burning. You can also set some fitness goals as well. The app will have Facebook integration included when it is released.

While Dance Central 3 ships to stores on Tuesday, we will have to wait a little longer for the launch of the the Xbox SmartGlass app, possibly around the October 26th launch of Windows 8.

Source: Engadget | Image via Engadget

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