Danger Will Robinson! Neowin Fatal Errors

Ok, ok we're not quite lost in space yet but I've been hearing about some nasty issues people are having accessing our comments system. When a member or guest clicks on a news link, you may see:


fatal: phemplate::read_file(): file themes/templates//main_news_post_subheader1.html does not exist.


If this is the case, it can be fixed by clicking this link: Delete cookies set by Neowin. If that doesn't work then you will have to delete cookies in your browser options. Be aware that this deletes ALL cookies set by other web sites too!


We have been working on the server configurations for the past couple of days and for me at least the speed has improved tenfold (and I live in Europe, while our servers are hosted in Chicago). Any feedback on general site speed is welcome.


Thanks in advance from the Neowin code-monkeys (who we are not yet ready to set free).

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