Darfon introduces Maglev keyboard at Computex

Darfon Electronics unveiled a new Maglev keyboard at Computex 2014. The keyboard utilizes magnetic levitation in order to create the feeling of depth. On a standard laptop keyboard this is accomplished by using a rubber nipple surrounded by a scissor switch. Since the new technology does away with physical parts, it can create a slimmer keyboard, which will pave the way for slimmer laptops.

According to CNET, Darfon had a couple of different keyboard demos on display. The demos showed how the Maglev keyboards could be customized to accommodate different types of setups. While the notebook demo was slim, it had little to no depth making it uncomfortable to type.

There was also a standalone demo unit that emulated the feeling of current keyboards perfectly. Since Maglev technology is adjustable, Darfon says that they will be able to manipulate the resistance of the keys to meet customers’ specific needs. 

Although we will see Darfon’s Maglev keyboard in the consumer market during the second half of 2014, they declined to reveal what companies would be taking advantage of their unique technology.

Source: CNET | Image via CNET

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