David Jaffe on the Future of Gaming

God of War creator David Jaffe provided an interesting interview with 1up this week giving lots of his opinions on the future of this generation's consoles. Unsurprisingly he is very positive towards Sony, but in general, this is a very insightful and open interview. He claims that the PS3 is too expensive, that he can't get hold of a Wii anywhere, and that in 10 years time there could just be one console left in the race.

Speaking about first and third party titles Jaffe said "As a gamer, I kind of miss the 'you can only get it on this system.' There's kind of an excitement that was about that back up until recently. With this new hardware, though, that idea is seems to be going away. Is it really all going to come down to first party now? Or it ultimately going to come to one system? 'Cause 10 years from now there's going to be one system because there's so much more third party software than first party software from any hardware manufacturer. It may not be feasible to make it the war of the first party or the war of the exclusives."

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