Day of Defeat: Source Update Released

As promised the big update to Valve's popular WW2 shooter has now been released. All you need do is restart Steam (if it is currently running) or launch Steam to get the update. Included in the update are the following:


  • Added new Detonation game mode

  • Added two new Detonation maps: Jagd and Colmar

  • Added film grain and color correction cinematic effects while in spectator

  • Optimizations to the player animation blending system

  • Improved bullet and melee attack hit detection

  • Shortened the BAR reload time

  • Reduced recoil and fire delay on the Garand (yes!

  • Added support for bloom on DX8 video cards

  • Added new phong Shading/Rim Lighting on player models

  • Added vertex lighting to props

There are a few more additions and fixes included. Needless to say, this is the largest update to Day of Defeat: Source yet from Valve. So what are you people waiting for, restart or launch Steam and move out soldiers!


Link: Steam News

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