Dead Island development version released by accident

When players downloaded the new Dead Island game from Steam, they were left disappointed. Numerous bugs have crippled the game, forcing fans to get in contact with the developers to see if there was any chance these bugs would be ironed out in a patch. But upon further investigation, players found the game to more resemble a development build than a full game, leading fans to discover that the developers had released the wrong version by accident.

In a thread on the game's Steam subforum, members collected together evidence that points to the game being a developer build. Lines of code referred to the build as an Xbox Live Submission Project Version, and files commonly found in Xbox 360 games raised further suspicions. Forum member Eggtooth decided to get in contact with the developers' support team, who told them that the bugs were being noted and passed onto Techland.

Speaking to IGN, publisher Deep Silver admitted there had been a mistake. "We apologize for any issues you may have experienced while playing the game. The final patched version will be made available on Steam to North American players today." The company added that it "deeply regrets that it was not possible to make the final patched version of Dead Island available to players at launch."

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