Dear Santa... (or possibly not)

$495.00 down now, another $4,455 to save by March and a Segway is yours!

It's on sale now over at Amazon on a first come, first served basis... woah fellas, one at a time please. However, "Only two per customer during this special launch offer." LOL

"The Segway Human Transporter (HT) is a truly 21st-century idea. A two-wheeled electric vehicle that's practical, efficient, slightly miraculous, and an undeniably fun way of getting around, it's as different from a bicycle or motorcycle as the original personal computers were from their lumbering, mainframe predecessors."

Yep, it seems us techie types, or those with more money that sense, can get our mitts on the personal transportation device - originally codenamed Ginger - invented by Dean Kamen and unveiled under much hype (even featuring in an episode of Frasier).

View: Segway HT at Amazon

Video: See it in Action

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