Dell cluster to help investigate the origin of the universe

Liverpool University in the UK have announced they are to use a cluster of 940 Dell PowerEdge servers to help study and make new developments in physics, or – as have said – "Scousers with mouses gird up for grid".

The servers, loaded with RedHat Linux, will be used to examine things such as the collision of particles, which will help investigate the ago old mystery of the orgins of the universe. They also claim they will be using the cluster to examine other areas such as the spread of disease.

The system will be up and running in July. Dell was chosen as they could provide the system at a price the university could afford, they manage to keep prices down by using processors and standard PC components from companies like AMD and Intel. This type of setup is sometimes said to be less able at some tasks than a supercomputer, but the price allows institutions like this to afford such huge computational power.

This is a relatively small cluster compared to the one Dell announced previously at the State University of New York in Buffalo, which has over 2000 of the same machines, also running RedHat.

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