Dell looking to introduce more Windows Phone devices in India

What a week it has been for Microsoft. First, they rolled out Mango and then they were able to accomplish what Google could not. Now, Dell is saying that they are planning on expanding their mobile portfolio in India and will be deploying more devices that run Windows Phone.

The information comes from and quotes India Executive Director and GM (Consumer and SMB) Mahesh Bhalla as saying, "The mobile phone business is doing really well and we have received tremendous response to the devices. Though the category is still in nascent stage, we are confident of it growing significantly". Further, building upon that quote, Bhalla says that the new devices will be a mix of Windows Phone and Android devices.

The significance of including Windows Phone is that it means that Dell is not abandoning the platform after releasing the first generation of Windows Phone products. This should come as good news to Microsoft as Dell will continue to support the Windows Phone product platform in India, a crucial and fast growing marketplace.

Microsoft has already begun the massive Mango roll-out to its many different products on dozens of carriers around the World. Generally, the reaction has been positive to Mango and to the update process itself.

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