Dell: Windows 8 PCs are better for them than Android products

Just two years ago, Dell started selling Android-based Streak tablets as the company tried to ride the wave of tablet products released in the wake of the iPad launch. The Streak was a sales failure for Dell and the company quickly discontinued sales.

Now, it looks like Dell is putting all of its portable device efforts into Windows 8. reports that, during the company's annual Dell World conference this week, vice president Jeff Clarke said, "We believe Windows 8 brings a lot to the tablet market. It allows us to put tablets in the hands of our customers with a form and a set of management tools they are very used to using."

And what about smartphones? Dell tried and failed in this industry as well with the release of the Android-based Aero. Clarke minced no words about what the company has planned for the future in his address, saying, "We've been really clear about smartphones – we're not going to do smartphones. We're not going to be in the smartphone hardware business."

It would seem like Dell is putting most of its eggs in the Windows 8 basket at this point, although it has released a limited amount of servers and even laptops with Linux installed.

Source: | Image via Dell

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