Demigod demo released

The demo for Gas Powered Games' RTS game, Demigod, is now available for download. The demo features online Internet multiplayer games, the Cataract map and four playable Demigods (Regulus, Rook, Sedna and Lord Erebus.) All of the gameplay modes (Conquest, Dominate, Fortress and Slaughter) in Demigod are available to play in the demo.

Players will vanquish other would-be gods, gain levels and unlock the power of mystic artifacts as they battle for ascent to the Pantheon. Take control of an immensely powerful being and defeat your brethren in a series of epic arenas in order to ascend into the pantheon of the gods.

Easy to play, hard to master, Demigod is available worldwide digitally via Impulse at the same price ($39.95) no matter where the person is located.

Download: Demigod Demo at FilePlanet
Link: Demigod website

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