'Despacito' dethrones 'See You Again', becomes most-viewed video on YouTube

Well, that didn't last long. Little less than a month after Wiz Khalifa's 'See You Again ft. Charlie Puth' unseated 'Gangnam Style' as the most watched video on YouTube, Luis Fonsi's 'Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee' has claimed the title for itself.

At the moment, the song has a little over three billion views. This achievement comes almost seven months after it was first released on YouTube, managing to earn the status of an instant hit on many social media platforms. It took See You Again more than two years to dethrone Gangnam Style last month. Now, YouTube experiencing a much higher viewership in recent months has favored the rise of Despacito.

Daddy Yankee reacted to the newly-set record via Billboard Latin's Instagram account, noting that:

I recognize the influence that the platform has. The music industry [has] changed. The rules of music have changed. And YouTube has a big responsibility, and I recognize it. Breaking the record is overwhelming, and I’m happy to keep [inspiring] others to do the same.

The fact that two music videos have managed to overtake Gangnam Style in the past few weeks emphasizes the growing viewership on YouTube. Despacito should manage to retain the crown for a longer time than its predecessor, seeing as the list of top ten most-viewed YouTube videos of all time features no other contender from 2017.

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