Details of Microsoft's next flagship Lumia start to emerge

The Lumia 930 was the last Windows Phone flagship

Microsoft has promised that it would eventually release new flagship devices running Windows 10, and today we find out about the first device that could a new be a high-end phone from the company.

Ever since the launch of the Nokia Lumia 930, all has been quiet on Microsoft’s end when it comes to flagship devices for its mobile OS. The community has always been vocal about this apparent lack of support for the ecosystem, especially while the company has pushed numerous low-end devices in the market.

However, thanks to data from AdDuplex, we have a tantalizing glimpse of what could be Microsoft’s next Lumia flagship. Sporting the codename RM-1085, a Windows 10 device has started showing up in the logs. It features a 5.7”, 1080p screen and runs exclusively Microsoft’s new OS – no Windows Phone 8 for this handset.

Unfortunately, that’s all there is to know at this moment. And even this info is a bit confusing as a 1080p, 5.7-inch device sounds good, but it’s not exactly cutting edge technology. Considering even unknown manufacturers are launching devices with higher-end screens, this might simply be a new mid-range device, something akin to the Lumia 830 but with Windows 10.

Plus, our own reliable sources are mentioning a 6-inch device is in the works so it's not clear whether this is just aimed at the mid-range or whether it's simply a test device inside of Microsoft's labs.

Still, it’s great to see a higher-end device being worked on inside of Microsoft, and with BUILD just around the corner we’re bound to learn more in the near future.

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