Deus Ex: Invisible War site launches

Web site offers sneak peek of Ion Storm's RPG/FPS sequel.

The official Web site for Deus Ex: Invisible War, Eidos and Ion Storm's anticipated sequel to Deus Ex, went live Friday afternoon. The slick, flash-heavy site offers a bevy of features, including the final trailer and some notes on the game's Byzantine plot. There's also an extensive screenshot gallery and two different wallpapers. Naturally, there's also a pre-order link. Many areas only feature "teaser" content--which is to be expected. The Developer's Journal only has an introduction, and the Game Info section features only the most basic characters, weapons, and biomods. There's also a dead-but-visible link to a demo version. These areas will presumably be filled in as Deus Ex: IW's December 2 release date draws nearer.

View: Deus Ex: Invisible War site

News source: GameSpot

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