Deus Ex web site hacked; personal info stolen

Yet another cyber attack on a game-oriented server has apparently pulled the personal info of thousands of people along with the defacement of a web site designed to promote, ironically, a game that has hacking as one of its themes. reports that the official web site for Deus Ex: Human Revolution was hacked on Wednesday along with the web site. The sites also both displayed a message from the hackers (shown above).

According to the story, the hacked sites not only got defaced but the cyber attack also resulted in stolen info from 80,000 people off the Deus Ex web site as well as 6,000 resumes from the Eidos site. The report also seems to imply that the hackers have stolen the source code for the upcoming Deus Ex game but that seems to be unlikely. So far there's been no official word from Eidos's parent company Square Enix about this cyber attack. As far as the hackers themselves, the story suggests that they are a splinter group from the huge hacker organization Anonymous.

Of course, all of this activity comes in the wake of the cyber attacks on Sony's Playstation Network that caused the company to shut down the console game's online servers on April 20. The attack also caused the shut down of Sony Online Entertainment's MMO servers on May 2. Personal info from tens of millions of users from both services were exposed in the cyber attack. Sony has blamed Anonymous for the attack but the group has repeatedly denied any involvement.

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