Deutsche Telekom targets September 26 as Mango release date

Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) will bring over 500 new features to the platform and is highly anticipated by many. Microsoft showed off the update a few months back and since that date, many have been wondering when it would finally roll out to existing users.

We have seen previous reports of the 27th and Microsoft has even said it would roll out in the next week or two, but Deutsche Telekom, via WPcentral, is now stating that it will begin rolling out the Mango update on the 26th, as stated by

The update will be a big improvement for the platform and will help to level the playing field for Microsoft. But, all eyes will be on the vendor when they do begin the update as the last major update, NoDo, did not go as smoothly as Microsoft would have desired. Microsoft knows that it has to get this update correct, otherwise consumer confidence in the company's ability to successful update its devices will be lost.

For Microsoft, Windows Phone is the future for the company's mobile offering. After canning its previous OS and started from scratch, Windows Phone has been off to a slow start. Despite this, the company is heavily invested in the OS and with a slew of new hardware on the horizon, Windows Phone 7.5 will be a competitive choice for the holiday shopping season. 

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