Developer outsourced his own job to China; watched cat videos before getting fired

There are a lot of hard working software developers in the world who are dedicated to their job and their employers. They show up to work every day and get their assignments done. This story is not about one of those developers but a person, who instead, got others in China to do his job.

This week, the Verizon security blog tells the story of a man they call "Bob", a developer at an unnamed "critical infrastructure company". Apparently this company called in Verizon sometime in 2012 when they noticed some odd VPN logs that had connections in China. The connections were centered on "Bob's" workstation.

The computer forensic team examined the evidence and discovered that "Bob" was outsourcing all of his work to Chinese software teams and paying them a fraction of his six figure salary to do so. That meant he could come to work and basically goof off; the Verizon blog states that "Bob's" real daily schedule of work consisted of him going to Reddit and eBay and watching cat videos like this one:

Obviously, this kind of activity (or non-activity, if you think about it that way) did not sit well with the unnamed company and they fired "Bob". He now has loads of time to go to Reddit and search for cat videos to watch; he's just not using company resources and money for it anymore.

Source: Verizon security blog
Via: The Next Web

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