Developer seeks funding for Windows Phone 8-based watch

Several years ago, Microsoft partnered up with a number of watch makers to launch a series of "smart" watches that would deliver information like news, weather and more with the company's Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT). The information was delivered via FM radio signals in a number of cities, at the cost of $59 a year. However, the watches failed to catch on after their launch in 2004 and they were discontinued in 2008.

Now it looks like a team based in Moscow is trying to get a similar project off the ground, this time with Windows Phone 8. The Gnomio watch is currently asking for funding via the crowd sourcing website.

The watch itself is being made with Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS running things inside. However, it has been designed to connect to a Windows Phone 8 smartphone via Bluetooth and can also install Windows Phone apps via a "smartphone extending device." It is supposed to have an ARM-based processor inside with a clock speed of 270 MHz.

The device is also supposed to have 64 MB of RAM and eight GB of storage, with a 1.54 inch touch screen that has a resolution of 240x240. The team claims that they started development of Gnomio in March 2012, and that the hardware work is reportedly completed but software development is still proceeding. The team claims that if they received their funding they will begin shipment of the watches to their backers in April 2013.

The Gnomio project is now seeking $100,000 with 68 days to go in their campaign. As with all crowd sourced projects, there is no guarantee that the watch will be delivered even if the team reaches their goal.

Source: | Image via Gnomio

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