Dexpot 1.5.17

With Dexpot you may have separate virtual desktops for different applications. One desktop might feature applications for graphic design, for example, and another might feature your business applications. Switch between virtual desktops in order to keep track of your open windows. Using Dexpot, you'll considerably increase your workflow.

Dexpot turns your monitor into up to 20. Dexpot creates additional workspaces you can quickly switch between. Take, for example, Desktop 1 to listen to your favourite music, surf the web on Desktop 2, use Desktop 3 to handle your daily word processing or switch to Desktop 4 for a game of Solitaire. Different icons, wallpapers, start-ups, and much more can be configured for each desktop. Users owning netbooks, tablets and UMPC with small screens and low resolutions will benefit from virtual desktops as well.

What's new in Dexpot 1.5.17 Build 1976:


  • New Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin) translations
  • Updated Chinese (simplified) translation


  • Fixed a compatibility problem with Skype
  • Fixed a compatibility problem with TeamViewer
  • Fixed character set problems in Desktop Preview, Window Catalog, some plugins and the updater
  • AutoRule windows could not be activated immediately after opening
  • Some dialogs could be closed unintentionally by pressing an ESC key combination
  • Tray icon tooltips were not refreshed after changing desktop names
  • Fixed a crash when using the up/down selection controls in the settings dialog with certain values
  • Fixed a crash when using the additional Desktop Manager button to close the manager
  • Fixed a problem with empty desktop backgrounds after increasing the number of desktops
  • Dexpot dialogs opened via command line switch were sometimes not focused
  • Fixed icon quality issues with some applications in the Taskbar Pager
  • Taskbar Pager initially only showed the contents of the current desktop
  • Fixed appearance of the Taskbar Pager on themed taskbars with Aero disabled
  • Fixed a bug with selecting the interval in the Desktop Slideshow plugin

Download: Dexpot 1.5.17 | 3.9 MB (Freeware)
Download: Portable Dexpot | 3.3 MB
Link: Dexpot Website

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