Did iPhone 4S's Siri tell a 12 year old to "shut the f*** up"?

The iPhone 4S's Siri voice recognition feature can come up with some odd and funny responses at times to the questions given by users of Apple's smartphone. But if a British tabloid is to be believed (and that's always a big "if") one users got a rather vulgar response to a innocent question.

The Sun reports that a 12 year old in Coventry was using a demo version of the iPhone 4S and used the Siri feature to ask, "How many people are there in the world?". The Sun claims that Siri's response was," Shut the f*** up, you ugly t***." The child's mother claims she couldn't believe that Siri would give such a statement and asked the same question again. She says, "The same four-letter stuff blared out."

The demo version was being used in a Tesco retail store and the report says that the management of the store says that pranksters had somehow gotten a hold of the iPhone 4S and changed its set-up so that the phone's user name was in fact that seven word phrase. That meant that Siri said that phrase when asked a question.

Nevertheless, the manager is quoted as saying, "We have launched an investigation. The handset will be going back to Apple for diagnostic tests."

Lesson for the day: Demo units in stores can be messed with so be careful in assuming the demo version is the same as the actual product.

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