Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood making next-gen consoles' day

Confirming rumors, Warner Bros. announces it is developing a game based on the classic 1971 crime film--featuring the original star's voice and likeness.

When Electronic Arts first announced it was making a game adaptation of The Godfather last March, many game-loving film aficionados wondered what other 1970s movie classics would be coming soon to a console near them.

One of the leading candidates was Dirty Harry, the hard-boiled 1971 crime thriller that saw Clint Eastwood create the iconic character of loose-cannon police detective Harry Callahan. Given Callahan's propensity for meting out justice on San Francisco's streets with a .44 magnum, the film seemed ripe for fodder for a free-roaming, rogue-cop game a la True Crime: Streets of L.A. So ripe, in fact, that rumors began to fly that the newly reestablished Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment was already at work on an adaptation.

News source: GameSpot

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