Docstoc starts selling its document templates via Office 2013

Microsoft launched Office 2013 in January with a way to download both free and paid apps for Office software such as World and Excel via the online Office Store. Now Microsoft has partnered with a company that will provide document templates directly to the many users of those Office 2013 applications.

TechCrunch reports that Docstoc, which has sold these kinds of professionally made templates since 2007, will offer 10 of its templates for sale for Office 2013 users. They can be viewed and purchased when Office 2013 users search for new online templates. The 10 Docstoc products, covering subjects such as partnership agreements, power of attorney and others, cost $24.95 each.

Docstoc also has an Office 2013 app that gives users access to all of its over 12,000 online document templates. Access to those templates requires a subscription fee which can be paid in monthly, three month and 12 month installments.

While the specific financial terms of the agreement between Docstoc and Microsoft were not revealed, we would speculate that Microsoft gets a portion of every template that is sold from Office 2013. This certain seems to be a new way to offer Office users access to professionally created templates that can be quickly modified without having to start from scratch.

Source: TechCrunch | Image via TechCrunch

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