Dolphin HD 5.0 for Android brings new updates

Mobotap has released a new version of its browser for Android. Dolphin HD has reached version 5, and it brings a slew of updates. The web browser currently competes with alternatives like Miren and Firefox Mobile. Unlike the alternatives, however, Dolphin HD uses the Android's built-in web rendering. This means that overhead is low and the browser behaves similar to the built-in Android browser, according to Ars Technica. The browser offers a tabbed interface, better gesture support, extensive configurability, and a wonderful add-on system, compared to Google's browser.

Dolphin HD has dropped the black and green theme for a simple, white and green interface. The layout remains the same, so current users will not be overwhelmed. The button for a new tab is now on right-hand side of the tab bar. It also floats over tabs. A new feature brought in is a start page with "Speed Dial". User can pin their favorite sites for easier access. The new page also has a "Most Visited Sites" feature. The left sidebar has been streamlined. Bookmarks, history, and the most-visited lists are now fully navigable using the sidebar's tree structure.

Embedded ads in the bookmarks manager have been dropped. As a side note, old themes are not compatible with the new version. You can get Dolphin HD 5 from the Android Market for free. It is intended for modern Android devices, while the older Dolphin Browser Mini is a lightweight browser for devices running at least Android 1.6

Images: Thanks to Ars Technica for the screenshots.

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