DOOM 3 Benchmarks

What we are showing you here today are DOOM 3 benchmarks. We have been asked not to comment on game content seen during this testing. So don't ask, as we are not telling.

You will notice that we have thanked NVIDIA for making this possible, which will of course bring the conspiracy theorists out of the closet in droves. Yes, NVIDIA was the driving force behind making these benchmarks a public reality.

With that said, be advised that id is also very aware of what is being shown here. The "test2" demo we used was recorded for us Friday in the id offices here in Texas by Tim Willits. An interesting caveat to the story is that the PC that was to be delivered to us here at [H] on Friday for testing was lost by the airlines and never recovered anywhere close to where it was needed. Jim Black, in NVIDIA developer relations, was keen enough to carry a duplicate hard drive on his person while attempting to deliver the system to us.

News source: [H]ard|OCP

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