DOOM 3 Done?

Ah, life on the Internet. Ain't it grand? Where else can you find slick sheets for high-profile games which may or may not be telling you the truth? The buzzing of thousands of rumor bees could be heard today when a scan of a supposed marketing sheet touting "Activision's biggest ever PC marketing campaign hits with the most hotly anticipated and terrifying game ever created. We said it will be out when it's's done!" made its way around the Interwebamajigger.

While at first we thought the "most hotly anticipated and terrifying game" reference was referring to Barbie's After Dark Adventures in Cracktown, the shotgun wielding space marine and large, metallic, pointy font reading "D-O-O-M-3" gave us a hint that the game in question was indeed the third in the series of id's demon-laden twitch-fest.

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