DOOM 3 retail patch v1.1

Activision sends along a new retail patch for DOOM 3, updating id Software's horror first-person shooter sequel to version 1.1. This non-beta release addresses a wide variety of issues with stability, interface, networking / multiplayer, rendering, localization and more (including one new single-player fix compared to the beta patch), as detailed in the accompanying release notes.


  • Querying a cvar (typing name with no value on the console) now also prints out help text

  • Updated some cvar docs
  • Fixed desktop crash when loading a QuickSave made when during influence in EPD Lab in Alphalabs 1

  • Fixed game freezing if in-game MP menu is opened just after a change map vote Passes and just before the map changes.

  • Fixed duplicate player names shutting down a server during map changes
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Download: DOOM 3 retail patch v1.1

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