Download the official wallpapers from the Windows 8.1 RTM

The real deal.

The above wallpapers are included in the zip.

Yesterday we posted about the default wallpaper for Windows 8.1 RTM that had supposedly leaked, and was later found to be a recreation of the official wallpaper by a very talented Deviantart user.

Well, today we can bring you the official wallpapers from the RTM build that have once again been uploaded to Deviantart, in zip format. The file weighs in at 5.2MB and includes all the wallpapers that you see in the above screenshot.

While we already know that the Chinese version of the RTM has leaked, and that people appear to be screwing around trying to get it as 'English' as possible, you may want to wait for the legit version, or an English build could still leak, who knows!

There's not much more to add, so we'll leave it at that.

Download: Windows 8.1 RTM Wallpapers | Thanks for the tip Dot Matrix in our forums!

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