Download: Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 and Team Foundation Server 2015 CTP

Microsoft has announced that it has released Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 for download. If you have been following along recently, you will know that the Visual Studio team has been releasing updates at an extremely fast pace - so quickly, in fact, that you may have missed the last release that came out in January of this year.

New in CTP 6 are two new debugging tools for XAML, Live Visual Tree and the Live Property Explorer. Microsoft describes these two new features below:

  • Live Visual Tree. Now, you can view the full visual tree of a running application during a debug session. The Live Visual Tree is available when you press F5 in Visual Studio or attach to a running application. You can use the Live Visual Tree to select elements in a running application for inspection in the Live Property Explorer. Descendant count is displayed, and if the source information is available, you can instantly find the file and location of the element's definition.
  • Live Property Explorer. Use this new tool to inspect the properties set on any element in a running application, grouped by the scope in which they are set. You can modify these properties during a debugging session and immediately see their changes in the running application.

For those of you familiar with CodeLens, there are updates to make it easier to see the history of your C++, SQL, or JavaScript files versioned in Git repositories by using CodeLens file-level indicators. Along with these improvements, there are also updates to the diagnostic tools, exception settings, single sing-in and other areas too that you can read about here.

Microsoft has also announced Team Foundation Server 2015 CTP is available for download as well; you can check out all the changes to that platform, here.

Download: Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 | Team Foundation Server 2015 CTP

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