Dreamcast gets a new vertical shooter

It's called Ikaruga, and winging its way to DC from a NAOMI arcade box

New York-based import specialist NCS has recently confirmed to its customers that it will be soon be able to fulfil orders for Treasure's Ikaruga - on Dreamcast GD-ROM. "The rumors of Treasure's Ikaruga shooter on the Dreamcast appear to be true," the site claims. "We'll post an update in a few days once we have final pricing details, a confirmed date, and preorder information from our suppliers."

It's been rumoured to be in the pipeline for a while, as the vertically scrolling shooter was developed for Sega's NAOMI arcade hardware and is therefore a simple DC conversion.

Treasure is the development house behind some great games, including Sin & Punishment on N64 and other shooters such as Radiant Silvergun on Saturn. While the world isn't necessarily gagging for another vertical scroller, if you're a DC owner you'll no doubt be pleased to hear of any new title that tips up.

News source: Computer and Videogames.com

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