Driver Install Frameworks Tools (DifXApp & DPInst) RTM

The Driver Install Frameworks Tools 1.0 is now available. For your conveinance we have placed these tools on our beta website. This package includes both the Driver Package Installer (DPINst) and the Driver Installation Frameworks for Applications (DifXApp) for 32-bit Windows operating systems. The Driver Package Installer (DPINst) not only simplifies the installation of driver packages for devices not yet in a users' system, but also allows developers to create highly customized driver installations in minutes. In addition, drivers installed with DPINst support intelligent updating. Unintentional downgrades are now history!

DPINst enhances the user experience by eliminating most of the manual steps required to install a driver package today, while at the same time letting driver developers avoid writing complicated custom installation packages to get their drivers on a users system. Driver Package Installer supports Windows 2000 and later Windows operating systems. If you need to install device drivers without bundling applications, DPINst gives you a fast double click install in minutes.

Driver Installation Frameworks for Applications (DifXApp) is a Windows Installer custom action for installing device drivers with applications. DifXApp gives developers intelligent driver update support like DPINst while also allowing developers to tie their applications and drivers together. Developers need no longer worry about their application missing its required device driver, or their device driver running unmanaged on a users system. If you are currently authoring MSI packages to install your application, let the Driver Install Frameworks for applications move you to a single package install that seamlessly installs your application and drivers on all Windows platforms 2000 and later.

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News source: Beta Place

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