Dropbox for iOS updated with lots of goodies

Dropbox has just updated its iOS application and now includes some interesting new features. First on the list is the ability to upload photos and videos in the user’s camera roll automatically (over Wi-Fi or carrier connections), which is a great little feature that enjoy for quite some time now.


After the update has been downloaded and applied the application will prompt the user with a permission request asking to store the user's images and movie clips in Dropbox the next time they open it. With this new method of storing things comes a whole new way of earning some extra storage for your account.

Dropbox is rewarding users that automatically upload photos and videos with up to 3GB of bonus capacity, given to users 500MB’s at a time. It is assumed that the storage you receive will directly correlate with the amount of media you upload to the cloud service.

With the ability to host images and videos, it’s only right that there are means of viewing these pieces of media, and Dropbox has done exactly that with its new gallery view.

There are a number of minor but efficient enhancements in this update, including the ability to move or delete multiple files at once and upload files of any size.

Dropbox 1.5 for iOS is available now in the iTunes App Store.

Source: iTunes

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