DuckDuckGo adds new servers in India, improves search, and refines dark theme

DuckDuckGo has announced a couple of new features that will improve the search experience for its users, especially for those located in India who have complained about slow speeds. With this update, the firm has added a host of servers in the Indian subcontinent to improve speeds in the surrounding areas, the popular dark theme has been refined to be more comfortable and coherent, and a 'past year' date filter has been added to help filter results.

The newly added servers are based in Mumbai. DuckDuckGo reiterated that no identifiable information is stored on any of its servers, including the one in Mumbai. It joins DuckDuckGo’s existing servers located in Virgina, California, Ireland, Australia, and Singapore.

With regards to the refined dark theme, the firm thought it was the perfect time to refresh the theme now that some browsers are introducing support for detecting operating system theme preferences. On supported operating systems and browsers, DuckDuckGo will now automatically change to the appropriate theme based on the theme you use on your operating system, of course, you can also change it manually.

Finally, the 'past year' date filter will let you bring up results less than a year old. The feature has been requested for a long time and the company has been searching for a way to add it for quite a while but it hasn’t been straightforward. According to team member, Brian Stoner, DuckDuckGo had to work with a variety of different partners that it relies on for results in order to add this feature.

If you want to try out the changes, they’re all live right now, just head over to to take a look.

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