Duke Nukem 3D comes to Steam in Megaton Edition

Duke Nukem 3D is still fun to play, even with its 2D graphics and its somewhat dated gameplay. Today, the 1996 first person shooter from 3D Realms is finally available on Valve's Steam service for PC and Mac in a new Megaton Edition with lots of content and a few new features.

The Megaton Edition, which was ported to Steam by General Arcade and published by Devolver Digital, includes the original single player campaign, plus three expansion packs that were not made by 3D Realms (Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach, Duke It Out in D.C and Duke: Nuclear Winter). You can play all these games under newly revamped OpenGL graphics or you can play the original Duke Nukem 3D with its original graphical looks.

The Megaton Edition also adds in some Steam achievements to unlock along with support for Steam Cloud saves. Sadly, this Megaton Edition does not yet have multiplayer support but it will be added in future updates, along with Linux support, more expansion packs and Steam achievements. You can get Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition for $9.99, but at the moment it has a 10 percent discount for a limited time.

Source: Steam | Image via 3D Realms

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