Duke Nukem Forever to make an appearance in July PC Gamer?

Yes, it lives! Maybe. Duke Nukem Forever will (supposedly) make his long awaited appearance in the July issue of (the US version) of PC Gamer! Not much else is known, is this going to be an interview, actual gameplay screens, or something else? Maybe they will announce a release date. Ok, maybe not a release date. But you never know these days. Here is the small blurb from the May PC Gamer that Duke4.net reported on and Voodoo Extreme has now picked up on:

Remember those slick decoder rings you played with as a kid? How you sent indecipherable notes to your best friend about how gross that girl sitting next to you was? Well, at PC Gamer, we love secrets, and since we always have our well-trained, doctor-like hands on the pulse of the gaming industry, we'll have some tasty inside info for you next month. Is Duke Nukem Forever finally being released? Hey, it could happen.

So head on over to Duke4.net and check out the PC Gamer blurb and say thanks!

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