DVD players hot items in 2001, not so hot for VCR's

Sales of VCR's fell about 35 percent in 2001, while sales of DVD players rose almost 50 percent, according to new industry figures released this week.

Statistics released by the Consumer Electronics Association show stand-alone VCR deck sales fell to 14.9 million units from 23.1 million units, while DVD player sales rose to 12.7 million units from 8.5 million units.

Building on that growth, CEA said it expects 14.9 million DVD players to be sold in 2002. However, CEA analyst Sean Wargo said in a statement VCRs were expected to maintain their 95 percent market penetration "for some time to come."

Wargo said the average price of a DVD player in 2001 was $193, while the average VCR price was $50.

News source: Reuters

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