E3 2011: Rage delayed a few weeks to October 4

The long awaited next game from id Software, Rage, is getting a few more weeks of development time. The game's official web site, with no explanation, has now updated the game's release date for the US to October 4. European game fans will now get Rage on October 7. Last August at QuakeCon 2010, id took the unusual stance of announcing the game's release date to be September 13, 2011, over a year in advance.

While neither id nor publisher Bethesda Softworks have made any official comments about the game's delay, some have speculated that part of the reason may be Gears of War 3. The Xbox 360 exclusive sci-fi shooter sequel from developer Epic Games is due for release on September 20. Perhaps id and Bethesda wanted some more time in between the releases of both those games. In any case it represents a few more weeks of waiting for id's first stand alone game release since Doom III in 2004 and the first original game from id since Quake came out in 1996,

As we mentioned we got to play a small portion of Rage during E3 2011 and while we didn't play any of the campaign portions the mini-games like Bash TV and the dune buggy racing models look like they will be fun. id will likely reveal more about Rage's final features during its annual (and free) QuakeCon event. The 2011 edition is scheduled to be held August 4-7. Registration for the event is still underway.

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