E3 2011: The chaos before the storm

E3 2011 should be starting in just a few minutes before this news post goes live but there's already a ton of activity in and around the Los Angeles Convention center before the exhibit doors open at noon Pacific time (3 pm Eastern time) Across the street, THQ is promoting Saints Row The Third with 500 free parking spaces for attendees. You can even get your car cleaned up in a bikini car wash. Is this tacky? Yep. But we think that's the whole point.

World of Tanks has set up its, well, tanks outside the convention center and they look pretty impressive. There are lots of sports cars both in and outside the convention center of all times. Nos is giving out energy drinks. Overall its abou what you would expect from a typical E3 event. Lots of tacky marketing schemes that somehow don't seem to really take away from all the excitement of the show itself.

Neowin.net will be hitting the convention floor and we will be trying to see and play as many games as we can during the three day period. It's just a one man team (this year anyway) but we will try our best to check out as many of the big upcoming games and also hardware products. We might even have an E3 2011 booth babe photo gallery or three for you to check out. Stay tuned because E3 2011 is about to begin.


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