E3 2011: We check out Serious Sam Double D

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As we mentioned earlier we got to check out a two level build of Croteam's Serious Sam 3 at E3 2011. However the game's publisher Devolver Digital is also releasing three smaller games in the series made by indie game developers. One of them is Serious Sam Double D from the team at Mommy Games. We got to see the near final version of the game in action at E3 and came away surprised at how entertaining the game looks.

The name "Double D" doesn't quite mean what some of you are thinking it means. It refers to the fact that this is basically a 2D side-scroller platform game in the Serious Sam series. Even though its an old fashioned 2D game the graphics already look impressive and fits right in with the cartoony art style of the previous games in the series. The game, which was played on a gamepad (it will support Mouse and keyboard as well) has you control Sam with a Geometry Wars-style of attack as you move your target around with one stick and fire with another.

We got to see several levels for Serious Sam Double D as we fired on a number of both familiar and new enemies, including chimpanzees that have no limbs and fly around on jet packs (no kidding). The game allows you to actually stack various weapons on top of each other in the game and lets you fire them at the same time. It can be effective against lots of enemies or really large ones but some combos can also blow you up as well.

There are some traditional platformer game designs in this game including jumping and solving some puzzles. One neat trick is the mobile jump pad that you can place in any location which lets players get much higher than normal. One other gameplay design had us laughing out loud. We see enemies fall to their death and the bodies actually start to pile up. You can use that pile to act as an organic platform to reach levels you would not have access to before.

Serious Sam Double D is not just a marketing trick for Serious Sam 3. It is a full game on its own that has elements that the previous Serious Sam games have never had before. It looks like it will be a lot of fun to play. We will see the game come out in late June or early July on the PC via Steam and on Xbox Live later on in the year.

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