E3 2012: NeoGamr's predictions for next week's show

Starting on Monday, our coverage of E3 2012 will begin with our live blog reports of all the pre-E3 2012 press conferences. The exhibit floor for E3 2012 doesn't open up until Tuesday. However, there are already lots of predictions on what will be revealed and shown at the show this year from various media outlets.

NeoGamr has some predictions of our own to give and some of them run contrary to what others have either have announced or predicted.

Microsoft and/or Sony will hint at their next generation consoles at the show - Despite previous comments from both companies that they have no such announcements planned, we think one or more of them will show something about their successors to the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles at their pre-E3 press events on Monday. We simply don't think that Microsoft or Sony is going to let Nintendo hog all the next-generation talk at E3 this year and will do a little teasing of what they might announce in full in 2013.

Mobile gaming will have more of a presence this year at E3 - In the past, E3 has been mostly devoted to the console and PC game industry, with the mobile game industry taking something of a back seat. With smartphones and tablets now offering games that rival console titles, we think there will be a lot more news about that side of the games business at E3 2012.

Nintendo's Wii U presentation and games will be a disappointment - again - Nintendo will show off a lot more of the Wii U and its games on Tuesday at its own E3 2012 press event. We are actually rooting for the company to dazzle us with some cool games and technology, like they did with the original Nintendo DS. Unfortunately, we also think that Nintendo's attitude towards developing games are now behind the times. The Wii U didn't impress us last year and, with the exception of Nintendo fanboys, we think it will disappoint us and the majority of games this year at E3 2012.

There's won't be a Grand Theft Auto V surprise at E3 2012 - There's been some talk that Rockstar Games could show off a lot more of GTA V during E3 this year, even though the developer isn't supposed to attend the show. We think that's unlikely. Even though we want to see more of GTA V, we think Rockstar is going to hold off showing their next game in their open world crime game series until another time.

Booth babes at E3 2012 will be in short supply - While they will still be there, we don't think we will see as much of the scantily clan LA models promoting games and products at E3 this year. The poor economy is one reason but another is that THQ, which hired tons of booth babes for E3 2011, is not going to be fronting a massive booth on the show floor this time. Depending on how you feel about booth babes, this is a good or a bad thing.

Next year's E3 should be way better - While we are looking forward to attending E3 this coming week, as we always do, this year seems like a prelude to what's planned for E3 2013. Yes, we will see more of Nintendo's Wii U this year but next year should finally be the reveal of the successors to the Xbox 360 and the PS3. We suspect the introductions of those consoles, and the games that will be a part of their launch, are going to blow us away.

NeoGamr and Neowin's coverage of E3 2012 is sponsored by War Inc. Battle Zone.

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