E3 2013: Is "All in one. Input one” the Xbox One's slogan?

We have been busy taking pictures of the big banners both inside and outside the LA Convention Center promoting the games that will be shown during the E3 2013 trade show. However, it looks like Microsoft put up some banners inside the hall after we left the convention area on Sunday.

GamesRadar posted an image of the new Xbox One banner on its Twitter account. As you can see, it shows Microsoft's next generation console alongside the phrase "All in one. Input one."

It's more than possible that Microsoft could use this phrase as the official slogan for the Xbox One, much like "Jump in" is the slogan for the Xbox 360. However, if that is true, there's no evidence that Microsoft has tried to trademark the phrase for its own use.

"All in one" is a pretty obvious reference to Microsoft's hope that the Xbox One will be everything a person would want in an entertainment set-top box. We are not quite should what "Input one" means. The Xbox One has at least two inputs for controlling the console (the Xbox One controller and the Kinect motion gesture add-on).

Microsoft will reveal a lot more about their gaming plans for the Xbox One later today at their E3 2013 press conference.

Source: GamesRadar on Twitter | Image via GamesRadar

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