E3: Goldeneye remake for Nintendo Wii

The original Goldeneye from Rare on the Nintendo 64 was arguably the greatest game of its time. With big companies like Microsoft trying to port the original on its console, deals fell through.

But now, Nintendo will be bringing back the classic, exclusively to the Wii. The remake will see eight original characters return, including Jaws and Oddjob, with original stages, multiplayer experience and much more. It's not fully known if the game will be a complete 100% remake or include new stages and objectives.

The original version of the game was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo on Nintendo 64. It featured up to 4 players and a single player campaign.  Since it's release, groups have been attempting to remake the classic for PC, in Goldeneye: Source - A game developed on the Half Life 2 engine, for the PC.

The new Goldeneye 007 for Wii is scheduled to release this holiday season.

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