EA and Digital Illusions Announces Battlefield 2 for the PC

Electronic Arts and Digital Illusions today announced the development of Battlefield 2 for PC, the sequel to the popular massively multiplayer shooter Battlefield 1942.

Taking place in modern times, the game will enable to choose between United States, China, or the Middle East Coalition, and will have 30+ vehicles to choose from. To provide more balanced gameplay, each map in Battlefield 2 adjusts the number of vehicles available according to the number of players in the game, meaning that there won't be anymore 3-on-3 T72 slugfests. Other new details include destructible environments, varied environments from city streets to remote forests, a Commander Mode to direct strategic assaults of teammates, and a ranking system that allows players to get new weapons, vehicle decals, and medals as they get promoted. An all new game and physics engine will be used as well, with a new material penetration feature that measures the weapon's ability to fire through barriers based on its composition.

News source: GamePro

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