EA Announces Madden NFL 2005 Soundtrack

Gone are the days when video game music was simple synthesized tones assemebled in a programmer's spare time. Licensed music is king and sports giant EA has just announced the soundtrack lineup for Madden NFL 2005.

With 21 different tracks, the game will be packed with music, but it won't all be stuff you've heard before. Madden NFL 2005 will debut the Green Day single American Idiot, the first single from the platinum band Chevelle and new singles from Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas, THE HIVES, Hoobastank, New Found Glory and Alter Bridge – the originating members of Creed.

The track list includes:

  • Chevelle -- The Clincher

  • Alter Bridge -- Open Your Eyes

  • Earshot -- Wait

  • Faith No More -- From out of Nowhere (Throwback Track Powered by Rhino)

  • Franz Ferdinand -- Take Me Out

  • Green Day -- American Idiot

  • Hazen Street -- Fool the World

  • Hoobastank -- Same Direction

  • Jazze Pha -- Da Heavy Hittas

  • JR Ewing -- Time to Get Dirty

  • etc...
News source: GamePro

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