EA COO predicts all games will be free-to-play in 5-10 years

If you thought that there was already a ton of free-to-play PC games out there in the world, Electronic Arts' chief operating officer claims that we haven't seen anything yet. In a interview at Kotaku, EA's Peter Moore is quoted as saying, "I think, ultimately, those microtransactions will be in every game, but the game itself or the access to the game will be free."

And when will this happen? Moore predicts, "I think there's an inevitability that happens five years from now, 10 years from now, that, let's call it the client, to use the term, [is free.] " Moore compares buying a game in the near future to going into a clothing store and looking and trying on products " ... but if I want to buy something I have to pay for it."

While Moore feels that there might still be a market for hardcore gamers to buy the traditional retail, disk-based game that costs $60, the challenge is getting people who have never played games before now to try them out. The free-to-play model may be the way to accomplish that. Moore states that in this future " ... everybody is a gamer...if you can move your index finger and swipe it this way, your'e a gamer. And that has got to be the way it goes."

Source: Kotaku

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