Early Windows 8 image leaks

Another hour, another Windows 8 leak, this time though it is an early build of Windows 8. This image was posted up to help show the difference between the early Windows 8 builds and the current leaks.

This image comes courtesy of Winreview.ru who also posted up these images of a more recent build of Windows 8. The images show a subtle difference including new min, max and close buttons, a flatter styling (to better align with Metro) and a few other nuances. This image does not reveal anything new, but are only to show the progress between builds of Windows 8.

It is believed that the 'Aero Lite' theme will be for lower end hardware as it is expected that there will also be a dynamic theme as well. For those with older hardware, this should come as a good sign that you will be getting a new theme too.

Windows 8 is expected to RTM in 2012 with the latest rumor suggesting an early January 2013 retail availability. 

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