eBay sued for $3.8 billion over PayPal patents

In a lawsuit filed earlier today, eBay Inc. is being sued for at least $3.8 billion by XPRT Ventures LLC. The lawsuit accuses eBay of infringing on six patents to develop online payment systems such as PayPal.

According to Reuters, the complaint filed today in the U.S. district count in Delaware claims that eBay used confidential and proprietary information from a patent filed by XPRT's own application. XPRT claims that eBay “stole” ideas from them when filing for a patent and when rolling out several features in its payment system.

The lawsuit, filed by XPRT, is seeking $3.8 billion for damages including monetary, treble damages resulting from eBay's alleged "willful and malicious conduct," punitive damages and other remedies.

The worlds largest online auction website, eBay, uses PayPal to help make quick, safe and secure online transactions. eBay purchased PayPal back in 2002 for an estimated $1.5 billion.

Image Credit: Liew Cheon Fong (Flickr)

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