Editorial: The WinHEC Longhorn Build

Our very own roving reporter creamhackered shared his thoughts & theories about the upcoming Longhorn alpha due to be shown & given to attendants of WinHEC 2004.

"So, a lot of people have been hassling me about the WinHEC build # and in general about 4074. 4070 contained the same readme as 4074, as did 4073. 4072/1 will have too ( I'm not sure on this but it's almost certain yes unless they skipped compile).

At the moment the most recent build is 4080 (4075-4079 must have mis-compiled), it started compile on the 29th April and appeared full on the 30th. BVTs were being run on the build on the 30th April. BVTs are build verification tests which are designed to ensure the build passes basic things like being complete and can install. If you remember back to PDC 2003, 4051 was the infamous build and was built nearly a month before being released to PDC attendees"

View: The WinHEC Build Editorial

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News source: Neowin Blog

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