Elemental: War of Magic 1.1 Released

Stardock has released version 1.1 which is a huge update to its fantasy strategy title, Elemental: War of Magic.

Elemental Lead Producer Derek Paxton (aka Kael) says, "The 1.1 patch for Elemental: War of Magic is an opportunity to enhance and refine the game. In a limited timeframe, the team was able to implement major features. As a result, the game has been rebalanced to remain fun and challenging throughout. It impacts nearly every aspect of gameplay, the interface and most significantly the role of Magic"

Full changelog is here, but highlights of this update are:

  • Global Mana System- Instead of having mana per unit, mana is a player resource.  Players must balance between using their mana to enchant their cities and units, summoning creatures, attacking their enemies, or saving up for powerful late game spells.
  • New Spells- New spellbooks and spells have been added to make magic more unique and strategic.  High level spells can wipe out cities, raise volcanoes and hit enemy armies with powerful tornados that scatter their units across the countryside.
  • Population as a resource- Players must consider how their population should be used.  Population is the primary factor for the player's economy through taxes and each improvement and unit the player builds requires population.  Players have to choose if they want to allocate people to a study researching techs, a workshop producing materials or as a scout to explore the world.
  • Dramatic update to the UI- Nearly every screen and interface has been improved to be more useful and intuitive for the player.  Important information has been brought to the main interface, and greater detail is provided in the detail screens so the player can see exactly how his empire is running.
  • Rebalance of the game- The core stat mechanics were reworked and every unit, equipment and monster stat was reviewed and tweaked to make for a more balanced and even playing experience.

Current players can update now via the Impulse client.  Players who purchase the game by December 31, 2010 are eligible to receive the first expansion pack free of charge. Elemental: War of Magic is available at most retail outlets or can be purchased and downloaded via Impulse at www.elementalgame.com.

Screenshot: Elemental: War of Magic


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