Email Celebrates 30th Birthday

Cheers Paul Thurrot for his blurb of the week otherwise known as WinInfo Short Takes: Week of October 8. An interesting blurb is the fact that Email turned 30 this week, I can happily say that Email is older than me ;-) while for others, it came into existence within their lifespan (Paul, wink wink) here is the blurb:

Email turned 30 this week, so it's younger than me, but older than most people who use it. I don't mean to get off on a rant here, but email is the bane of my existence and is the epitome of lost promises in the digital age, something that makes the "paperless office" pale in comparison. Of course, email has its compatriots in crime these days, with applications such as instant messaging and wireless email pagers that make us even less productive--ironically, as we work more and more. I think the best way we can celebrate this little beast's anniversary is to curl up into a ball, mumble unintelligibly, and pretend it never happened. Oh, by the way, happy birthday.

News source: WinInfo Short Takes: Week of October 8

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